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Lisa Marie and Elvis sing 'In the Ghetto' together (video)

Since Elvis Presley died when Lisa Marie was just 9 years old, the two could never have recorded "In the Ghetto" together as a duet; but with all the wonders of digital media, Lisa Marie digitally recorded and released the below video seen on YouTube in August 2007. "In the Ghetto" was originally performed by Presley in 1969, and this video contains the original track and video footage of Presley. Lisa Marie recorded her duet part and video footage in 2007 and has created the video which, according to ABC News, was recorded as a tribute by Lisa Marie to her dad to mark the 30th anniversary of his death.
"In the Ghetto" held special significance for Presley. Lisa Marie told ABC, "My father lived in a family housing project, transitional housing project, when he was young." According to Lisa Marie's site, she is the chairman of Elvis Presley Enterprises, and under her direction, Presley Place opened its doors in Memphis, Tenn., in 2001. Presley Place is "transitional housing" for people who have lost their homes and are trying to get back on their feet and provides free housing and child care for a year along with job counseling and other help.
A father and daughter from two different generations come together in this song to sing about a problem that has spanned across both of their generations. Presley sang the song to make people aware of the problem, and Lisa Marie released the duet as a tribute to her dad and to help fund Presley Place, a solution for those who don't want to stay "In the Ghetto."
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This is an example of how strong of a bond family can have together.
February 9   ·